At Holley we believe that our customers deserve not only the best products on the market but also the most competitive prices. So whether your need is for just for 10 or 15 bales of wood shavings or several hundred, we will supply you quickly and at a competitive price.

Bedding Products include:

The Holley Bale - White dust extracted woodshavings, a standard sized bale, and using best quality soft wood shavings.

The Euro Bale - White dust extracted top quality woodshavings, a European size bale and our biggest seller in yards.

The Farm Bale - Mixed dust extracted woodshavings, standard sizes using coloured wood shavings, making this a very economical bale – a fast seller.*

The Eco Bale - Combination of white and coloured dust extracted woodshavings, a Standard size bale using soft and coloured woodshavings, making this a good quality bale and more economical than white bales*.

Bagged Sawdust - Fine Sawdust

Loose Wood shavings - delivered in an articulated tipping trailer - quality can be tailored to customer's requirements.

* Available whilst stocks last

If you would like to find out about these products, our prices and when we can deliver, telephone or email our offices.

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