Calling all Timber Mills.

Your wood shavings and sawdust material can be collected to order. Whatever your size, we will come to you to take away this material ready for us to turn into woodshaving and sawdust bales at our factory in Uckfield, East Sussex.

At your convenience

We can guarantee to clear away your timber waste within 24 Hours. We will collect when it is convenient to YOU, either in the morning or afternoon. To help you store this material we have specially designed containers of various sizes, to suit your needs and storage space. Alternatively if you have your own baling system on site we can arrange to leave one of our trailers in your yard to be loaded with your bales, which when full we will collect.

Guaranteed payment.

All our accounts are settled no later that the 30th day of the month following a collection and if suitable this will be settled via BACS (Bank Automated Clearing Systems) for speed.

Mills throughout the South of England

Put your wood shavings and sawdust waste to good use by arranging for its collection by Holley. We are already clearing several timber mills, large and small, in the South of England, so call us today and we will add yours to our collection run.

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