GSC Shavings always provides well filled bags of animal bedding. From cows to horses, chickens, sheep, ducks and every animal in between, our different wood shaving products are adapted to the needs of your farm animals.

Our animal bedding products are offered in different sizes to fit your demands. Our product quality is tested on numerous ways during the bagging process to assure a dry, safe, comfortable and absorbent product. With GSC Shavings' animal bedding, quality is guaranteed!

Shavings have excellent absorbency properties, so they take up moisture quickly and also dry readily.

1. Bedding is softer and more comfortable, which makes for healthier, more contented animals.

2. Cleaning of livestock pens and stalls is easy and economical, since bedding can be sifted with a manure fork and reused.

3. Shavings are relatively thin, and so they decay readily when spread on the land after use.

4. Nuisance growth from spreading plant seeds on the land is eliminated.

We offer :

• Safe and personalized wood shavings

• Dry wood shavings of incredible quality

• A product made of recycled materials

• A constant supply of wood shavings and horse bedding year round

• Strict quality and security standards

• A personalized transportation service

• Impeccable customer service

By drying the shavings, extremely low levels of bacteria and other microorganisms may be achieved, providing much peace of mind for those facilities concerned with cross-contamination

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